With new threat exposure categories – API, Mobile, and Cloud – and self-service and self-scoping capabilities, Incenter delivers a comprehensive and easy-to-deploy solution for organizations and MSSPs needing to identify and manage known and unknown threat exposures in real-time, develop security insights based on their unique business context, and consolidate tools and technologies.

Organizations today need security solutions and programs that integrate people, tools, and technologies and provide the means to continuously test, evaluate, and report on where an organization is vulnerable and the potential impact within the context of the business. According to GartnerĀ®, by 2026, organizations prioritizing their security investments via a continuous threat exposure management program will suffer two-thirds fewer breaches.

“Everything is vulnerable. The security landscape is littered with point solutions that drive up costs and add complexity for organizations trying to wrap their heads around the weak spots in their system defenses that attackers can take advantage of and that matter most to their business, ” said Mark Stamford, Founder & CEO, Occamsec. “Incenter is one of the only solutions that looks at all the pieces of the security puzzle and puts them back together in the context of the business. By taking a continuous and consolidated approach to threat exposure management, we reduce a complicated problem into the simplest solution that proactively manages security posture and actually protects what’s important to each distinct organization.”

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