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INCENTER Collaborations

PARTNERShip opportunities

We work with our partners to solve clients problems to help them achieve their objectives.

Technology Partners

Incenter integrates seamlessly into your existing Security Operations Center (SOC), or any other system where risk management is key.

Through strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors, our platform fits smoothly into your existing toolkit, reducing the need to manage multiple systems.

This focus on integration simplifies your operations and allows you to concentrate on the vital task of managing your risk exposure.

Our platform’s pre-built integrations and robust API enable efficient data fusion, bringing together information from varied sources. This consolidated perspective enhances operational performance, streamlines workflows, and provides valuable, actionable insights to optimize your threat management strategy.

Experience the streamlined operations and robust defense offered by Incenter. Unify your data and manage your threat exposure more effectively with our comprehensive platform.

Featured integrations


Integration with ServiceNow is a key feature of Incenter, expanding the reach and effectiveness of our Continuous Threat Exposure Management capabilities.

ServiceNow dashboard

ServiceNow, with its industry-leading incident and problem management capabilities, complements Incenter’s robust security solution, enhancing your ability to respond quickly and effectively to security threats.

By integrating Incenter’s platform with ServiceNow, you gain a centralized location for managing threats, reducing the complexity of your security

This combined solution streamlines your workflows, enabling your team to promptly detect, evaluate, and respond to threats.

In addition, the integration reduces the need to switch between multiple systems, saving time and increasing operational efficiency.


Azure AD, Microsoft's cloud-based identity and access management service, aligns perfectly with Incenter, bolstering your ability to control access and manage identities across your enterprise.

By integrating Incenter with Azure AD, you leverage unified access management, making it easier to safeguard your sensitive data and systems.

This integration enables you to monitor and manage user identities and access controls within one streamlined solution, eliminating the need to operate multiple systems and saving valuable time.

Additionally, it provides you with a holistic view of threat landscape, enabling quick detection and resolution of potential security risks.

The combination of Incenter and Azure AD offers a potent tool for effective threat management, operational efficiency, and an overall enhanced security posture for your business.

Service providers

At OccamSec, we deliver more than just an advanced security solution. Our platform equips service providers, including Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), with a robust tool for Continuous Threat Exposure Management.

Occamsec employee using laptop

Our strategic partnerships with top technology vendors ensure that our platform can be smoothly incorporated into your service portfolio. This not only minimizes the need to manage multiple systems but also empowers you to offer a comprehensive security solution that your competitors can’t match.

With pre-built integrations and a powerful API, our platform streamlines the management of diverse data sources. This means you can provide a unified threat landscape to your clients, enhancing their security while freeing up resources to focus on service excellence.

Incenter dashboard light mode

The value-add of our platform extends beyond its advanced capabilities. By integrating Incenter, you’ll enhance your service offering, differentiate your business in a competitive market, and strengthen customer relationships through superior threat exposure management.

Using Incenter enables service providers to focus on what they are good at, and rely on a trusted parter to provide additional services.

Additionally, for MSSPs Incenter can help continuously refine your system, identifying attacks that may go undetected, and so provide more value to your entire customer base.

Empower your business and boost client satisfaction with Incenter. Deliver unmatched continuous threat exposure management and experience the Incenter advantage today.