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We like to help our clients learn how to better protect themselves by constantly learning, evolving and building new ways to keep what matters to you safe.

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday Analysis – February 2024

Our analysis of Microsoft's patch Tuesday for February 2024. There are the vulnerabilities we consider most concerning and should be addressed immediately.

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Living of the land, an introduction to blending in for red teams

Evading detection by what's already in an environment , this article provides an introduction to living of the land (LotL) techniques.


Our Approach to Exploiting CVE-2023-4911: A Deep Technical Dive into a Local Privilege Escalation bug

Will Continuous Penetration Testing lead to more Zero-Days?

A cautionary tale demonstrating the additional benefits of continuous penetration testing in the detection of hard to find vulnerabilities. While traditional point in time testing is excellent to detect and remediate known vulnerabilities, the addit

The Human Touch in Cybersecurity: Why AI Can’t Fully Replace Penetration Testers

Find out why the best way to protect your environment is to combine the benefits of AI with the endless creativity of people.

Incenter White Paper

After years of meticulous research and development, OccamSec LLC introduced the Incenter platform. Created with the integration of AI, the Incenter platform is the most current and innovative security solution for continuous threat exposure manage...

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