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Incenter White Paper

After years of meticulous research and development, OccamSec LLC introduced the Incenter platform. Created with the integration of AI, the Incenter platform is the most current and innovative security solution for continuous threat exposure management (CTEM), seamlessly merging cutting-edge automation technology with human expertise to resolve the most critical of cybersecurity issues.

While only 15% of companies believe they are ready for a cyberattack, over 82% expect an attack; this expectation is justified by the reality that there is a malicious cyberattack every 39 seconds. However, organizational cybersecurity teams face a multitude of challenges in the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

These challenges include difficulty in detection, alert fatigue, and expanding attack surfaces. In addition, security teams are inundated with an excess of security tools and vendors. Organizational risk is further impacted by larger supply chains, remote work, and increased activity by threat actors.

Incenter was developed to overcome the challenges faced by organizations in breach prevention through continuous threat management. A milestone in the realm of preventive tools, the Incenter platform provides organizations a versatile approach to counter a wide spectrum of attack vectors through the convenience of a single tool.