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INCENTER:Security for everyone

OccamSec LLC has provided over 300,000 hours of cybersecurity consulting while working with multiple Fortune 500 companies and five of the largest employers in the US.

With a proven background in servicing organizations ranging from small businesses to large enterprises, OccamSec is proud to offer catered security solutions for businesses of all sizes.

From its inception through development, Incenter has been designed to simplify security operations for organizations of all sizes. Through its automation capabilities, on-demand reporting, and a versatile vulnerability management UI, Incenter accelerates vulnerability remediation timelines while lowering the resource investment commonly associated with security operations, fostering stronger communication and collaboration with security stakeholders.

While initially tailored for OccamSec clients, Incenter’s wider implications for the security industry became evident as MSSP/MSPs recognized the software’s potential in fortifying their own clients’ environments. Owing to its ease of use, simplified management of large organizations, and proactive attack prevention, Incenter has become a Incenter has become a one-stop tool for MSSP/MSPs, augmenting their existing operational offerings. With a team of security professionals involved in every phase of development, Incenter always stays one step ahead of potential attackers.

Incenter is a total game changer in the market.

Robbie Tyrie, Application security lead, FNZ

Incenter has tested over 600,000 targets through an innovative combination of AI, automation, and human expertise. Through its robust design, the Incenter platform allows large enterprise organizations to effectively manage the continuous penetration testing of thousands of assets simultaneously.

The same speed and efficiency of testing and reporting has provided a complete and rapidly deployable offensive security offering to MSSP/MSP partnerships that can be utilized across the entirety of their client base.

However, OccamSec has recognized that small and medium businesses (SMBs) are underserviced within the cybersecurity marketplace, creating risks not only for themselves but also for the greater supply chain. With 61% of SMBs being targeted by cyberattacks in the last year, and over 37% of ransomware attacks targeting companies with fewer than 100 employees, it is imperative we take action now.

OccamSec is excited to announce a security subscription program that will bring protection and preventive testing to smaller organizations through Incenter. We understand the different

needs faced by smaller organizations and their unique budgetary requirements, which is why we have introduced a tiered pricing plan that will make security testing more accessible.

By embracing security for everyone and protecting the interests of SMBs, MSSP partnerships, and enterprise clients, we at OccamSec are confident we can do our part to strengthen the supply chain that we all rely upon.

By increasing the strength of the supply chain, we increase the strength of all organizations involved regardless of size. In the evolving threat landscape, it is imperative to ensure that all organizations have access to exceptional offensive security services

We are in this fight together and Incenter helps to strengthen every portion of the chain, making us collectively more secure. Regardless of the size of your organization, Incenter will improve your security, efficiency, and security-related ROI, all while preventing your next breach.