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Integration with your security tools

SEAMLESSLY WORKING WITH YOUR existing security infrastructure

Incenter seamlessly integrates with your existing security infrastructure, enhancing the effectiveness of your security stack.

By connecting to vulnerability scanners, intrusion detection systems, security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, and other security tools, Incenter can leverage their data and insights to provide a more comprehensive and accurate assessment of your security posture.

Incenter’s continuous penetration testing solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing security infrastructure. Its API-driven platform allows for easy connectivity with your current security tools and systems, such as SIEM, vulnerability management, and ticketing solutions.

Incenter’s intuitive integration creates a unified security ecosystem that streamlines workflows and enhances the overall effectiveness of your security program.

Integrates with your existing security infrastructure

By doing this, Incenter enables your organization to leverage the full potential of your current security investments.

Better collaboration between your different security tools

Incenter’s interconnected approach results in a more comprehensive and cohesive understanding of your security landscape.

Seamless integration with your existing security infrastructure

The simplification of the adoption process of Incenter’s continuous penetration testing solution ensures a smooth transition for your security team, with minimizing disruption to your operations.

Incenter allows your organization to quickly benefit from the enhanced protection provided by continuous penetration testing.